We all want a nice tidy house with no clutter. In reality we all have maintenance issues around the house that need sorting, household chores that don’t disappear, things stuffed in different places to try and hide the fact we are a little untidy and short on storage space. It gets to this time of year and we start wishing for household perfection by browsing through DIY and furniture catalogues. Undoubtedly this end up in a trip round a well known Swedish outlet. We find the perfect cheerful storage solution that will fit in with the general design of our house. After locating it on the top shelf of the warehouse, we get it back home, only to find after opening the box there are nearly 1,000 different shaped parts (or so it seems!)….. Well if you’re like me and this is your idea of hell, there is a simple solution. I am sharing the secret of DIY and flat pack furniture here.

The easy way to get your household DIY done…

           1. Check out the directory at www.myoddjobs.co.uk for a handyman in your local area

           2. If you can’t find one, post a job for a DIY handyman for free on www.myoddjobs.co.uk. Detail the type of handyman you are requiring e.g. flat pack furniture, DIY, maintenance, fence repairs. List what area you are living in and how much you are willing to pay

          3. Check your email for responses and check out the feedback on the site for anyone that has responded to your advert. This will show you how reliable other people have found them.

          4. Contact the person/people that fit in well with your requirements.

          5. Discuss your household DIY jobs with the applicant(s).

          6. Allocate the job to one of our nimble fingered helpers.

          7. Watch your furniture being assembled – hassle free.

          8. Pay your handyman the agreed fee.

          9. Leave them good honest feedback

         10.Sit and enjoy your new furniture and tidy house.


Post your local maintenance and handyman job (for free) now, and we will find you immediate help with your DIY jobs, giving you time to focus on other areas of your life.

If you are a good reliable handyman why not register your services on the myoddjobs site for free, come and join the many handymen making money whilst enjoying helping others. Jobs can vary from changing a light bulb, assembly of furniture, to regular help with house maintenance.

If you have any flat pack funny stories tell them here…

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