hose of us that have the responsibility for the ironing will agree it is a tiresome job, and the chore that is perhaps the biggest time waste of them all; you iron the creases out of your clothes, you put on your clothes and voila they are creased again! So who decided we needed to iron and when? I think we all want to know just who we can thank for this wondrous invention.

The History of the iron

The electric iron was invented in 1882 by Henry W. Seeley, a New York inventor he has invented many other products before the iron. He patented his “electric flatiron” on June 6, 1882. We should be thankful that technology has progressed as his iron weighed a mighty 15 pounds which is the average weight of two newborn babies or seven bags of sugar; it also took quite a considerable time to warm up.
Other electric irons had also been invented at this time which included one from France around 1882 this particular iron used a carbon arc to heat the iron up, a method which was rebuked as dangerous. There have been many companies and variations on the electric iron since to include steam and irons with an instant heating up mechanism. So there you have it – we have found the culprit!

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