We would all love to have more time to cook, clean, iron and a good many hours to spend preening the perfect garden, well the truth is we are all too busy……. working, looking after the children, studying, or we’re just plain old too tired (another way of saying some of us have gotten a little lazy!)

We are here to help with our list of time saving solutions to cut a few corners (we obviously don’t take any responsibility if you have any mishaps following our advice!)

Top 10 time saving tips

  1. Ditch the iron – We spend too much time ironing pointless things, grab your clothes as they come out of the washer – hang up shirts when they are wet and dry on the hanger – you’ll be amazed at how many creases drop out. Put clean clothes in the tumbler when they are damp and catch them as the cycle finishes ensuring you give your clothes a good shake when they are finished. If you are one of those people that insist on ironing pants, socks, pyjamas, bedding, and towels – STOP!
  2. Use your hairdryer as a duster – simply point and blast instead of spending hours cleaning and dusting.
  3. Get your children to clean the floors (without them even realising) – Tie wet clothes to their shoes and get them to skid around the house good fun and an effective cleaning solution.
  4. Effortless and free way to wash the car– get your children to clean the car and for payment let them have a huge water fight afterwards, this is much more rewarding than cash changing hands!
  5. Polish the shower – pouring a little car polish into a spray bottle diluted with water, and spray the shower cubicle will keep the shower clean for longer meaning you can spend less time cleaning the bathroom.
  6. Stop weeds and grass from growing– use woodchip/stones in areas that commonly grow weeds this will reduce the amount of time you need to spend weeding. Buying a pet like a guinea pig or goat will ensure your grass is continually kept short.
  7. Cook double – by increasing the quantity you cook for meals and freezing the surplus will mean you will soon have many meals sitting waiting for you to eat them, which you can use effectively on your busiest days.
  8. Let the dishwasher do the cooking – Put your dishes on to clean on the long cycle and put a piece of fish covered with a little butter, lemon, and herbs, well wrapped in foil and put it on to wash. Sit down with a drink and when your washing up is done the dinner will be too.
  9. Stop vacuuming – replace all your carpets with lino and laminate, it is a lot quicker and easier to clean.
  10. Let the bathroom clean itself – instead of scrubbing furiously away at tiles and floors, add a little bleach diluted with water to a spray bottle and spray over the stubborn to clean areas. Leave for twenty minutes – giving you time for a coffee and a big slab of cake, and then simply rinse off!

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Let us know all your tips to save a bit of time around the house…

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