How do I post a Job?
The process is simple, free, and effective. Click on the ‘post a job’ link on the home page. You will be required to fill in a few basic details including the type of help you require, your location, how much you are prepared to pay, or whether you wish people to place bids for the amount they will complete the job, your name, email address and password this registers you as a Silver member. Once this has been completed you are now able to find help in your area.

How do I find help?
There are two ways in which you can find help; searching the directory enables you to locate a service provider and view their skills and feedback rating left by other users, you can then contact them if you think they would be a suitable helper for you. The other method is to become a Silver member this is free and allows you to post jobs directly onto the site. Helpers will then contact you directly through your email with their experience and suitability.

How do I register?
Click on the ‘register for free’ link on the homepage. You will be required to fill in a few basic details including your name, email address, and username and password this will allow you to post jobs and find a helper. To become a Gold member you need to complete a simple registration form on the site click on the ‘register free’ link on the title bar and fill in your details. Once registered you will gain access to your own profile page in our fully searchable directory to advertise your services and you will have full access to respond to job adverts.

How much does the service cost?
The service is free to register and post a job. This includes a full profile page in the directory to advertise skills, qualifications, availability, and services and the facility to apply and bid for jobs in your local area.

How does it work?
There are three levels of users on the site.

1. Those that search the directory for help and locate their required worker. This is free and these people don’t need to register their details.

2. Those that post job adverts requiring help with a particular task. Simple registration is required with basic details name, email address and job details. Helpers respond directly with a private message.

3. Those wishing to work and respond to adverts and advertise their skills in the site directory. These people are our Gold members. This provides them with a range of benefits such as advertising on the site directory and the ability to secure work through applying for jobs.

What membership levels are available?
Silver members are in simple terms the people who require the work doing. They post jobs for free on the site and helpers contact them with their skills and suitability for the post. Silver members can respond back to the helpers directly. Once hired they can leave feedback for the people that have provided the service via the site.

Gold members are the service providers on the site the people that apply for the jobs and undertake the work. They are issued with a large page in our member directory to display all of their skills, experience and qualifications. Once registered they can apply for jobs that are posted on the site and are contacted directly by people searching the directory for helpers.

How do I know if the person I am hiring is reliable?
You can view a workers profile on their directory page and gain a good understanding of what experience and skills they hold. You are advised to view their feedback score – using our five star feedback rating helpers are ranked by real people. The system is similar to other auction sites you may have come across. It ensures that the people carrying out the work undertake it to a high standard, and if they don’t it is listed for all to see. A 5 star rating means they have carried out really exceptional work.

How do I get paid?
Payment is organised directly between the helper and the member that posted the job.